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About your Spider Control Appointment 

 Quick Faqs about your Spider control Service :

 Will you spray if its going to rain ?

 No , we are always monitoring the weather conditions and we like a 3 hour window for drying time . Once the chemical is dry then it is water resistent . However we will reach out to you to reschedule if rain is coming .

 Do i need my Windows Closed ?

 Yes Please ensure all your windows are closed the day of your application - please notify your neighbours that you are having your home sprayed that day and advise them of the time and if they could close there windows as well to make the process go smoother .

How long will the Treatment on my home Last ?

All exterior Treatments are guaranteed for 1 month ,  our chemical coverage is quite extensive and it is not uncommon for treatments to last much longer . Elements like heavy rain over longer periods of time can slowly degrade the chemical as well .  We typically recommend 2 Exterior treatments in a season  May - July seems to work for many of our customers .

Please allow access to the back yard - and also please keep your pets indoors during the application and for about 1 hour after , or until the chemical is dry .

 If you have additional questions Please reach out to us ! 

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